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The Cocolo Festival – The Real Dominican

November 22, 2011

As the entire Dominican Republic commemorate the opening of the New Year on January 1st, some Dominicans carry circumstances that give value to one of the expiring however remarkably prominent traditions in the land in a feast called the Cocolo Festival.

When the wave of African immigrants moved within Hispaniola during and after the Spaniards have actually settled in the land, they have resulted in many traditions with them that right now compose the fibers of the Dominicans’ society. With the groups of ethnic immigrants was the Cocolo tribe which institute from the Bahamas and the Greater Antilles. They are mostly understood as the English-speaking Caribbean people who produced by having them a society that receives the elements of both the European as well as African civilizations. It is actually, as lots of folks have stated before, the culmination of the merging of the cultures of the African slaves and the European colonizers. Although they still have kept their civic as well as social financial authority.

Years after they have actually settled in Hispaniola, the Cocolo performing drama tradition have created. It was actually, with their own instructional system as well as religion, the most unique grins of their society. It was its peak throughout the mid-nineteenth century. In new times, the assimilation of the Cocolo descendants with the bulk of the Dominicans have generated the disintegration of the Cocolo’s civilization. Although, as is apparent in some locations in the Dominican Republic, the Cocolo grooving drama tradition is still incredibly much alive.

In it is initial way, the bouncing drama is executed on Xmas and on Carnavals. Nowadays, it is actually done only in January in San Pedro de Macoris, a province in the Dominican Republic where the Cocolos actually negotiated.

The Cocolo Festival spotlights the new music, dances and songs that are actually patterned in the tunes of the original Cocolo popular music. These need African and European influences which make them extremely special in the Dominican Republic, if not unique from every different new music in the world.

The songs, for instance, is patterned after the African pace as well as the dances have the steps and actions individual to the African court. Although when these are dramatized, they become an entirely various art way. They become virtually only European since of the themes and reports followed. With the most common reports done in the Cocolo Festival is the Mumme’s Play, hence the Festival has turned into affiliated by having block dancers as well as musicians called the ‘Mummers’. This informs of the story about St. George as well as his foe. In summary, this mirrors the fundamental theme of the Cocolo dance drama– the struggle between really good as well as evil.

Additional boogie dramas and games typically executed at the Cocolo Festival are the ‘Guloyas’ as well as the ‘Baile del Buey’. The ‘Guloyas’ include of multiple groups of dancers that execute an assortment of dances. Among the lots of they emphasize is the ‘Dance of Stilts’ which requires dancers to dance on high stilts while wearing pompous jackets. The ‘Baile del Buey’, meanwhile, is executed by a festival personality whose primary features are determined by having the bull.

The Cocolo Festival, although less preferred than more Dominican Republic holidays, is certainly with the nation’s more valuable heritage. It is no wonder that UNESCO has picked it as an Intangible History of Humanity. Join us on a tour. Check it out here. Festival del Santo Cristo de Bayaguana-Dominican Republic Tours


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